Services and prices

ANONG GARDEN Resort offers the following services:

Rental Holiday houses

The details and pictures for the description of our holiday homes are on the separate page holiday homes.


    • Holiday house daily rent (up to 6 days)                500 Bath per day

    • Holiday house weekly rental (7 days)                3.200 Bath per week

    • Double holiday house daily rent (up to 6 days)     900 Bath per day

    • Double holiday house weekly rental (7 days)    6.000 Bath per week


The prices are introductory prices due to the opening of our resort!

We reserve the right to adjust these prices and would then announce this here. For all bookings the puplished prices of the website apply.

We rent our holiday houses for a period of one day to a maximum of 4 weeks. Please ask us for a longer desired rental period.

For a longer rental period, we offer cheaper prices upon request. Just contact us!

Check-in time on the day of arrival starts from 2:00 pm local time. Check-out time on the day of departure ends at the latest 11:00 am local time. We ask you to request any deviations from this.

For the automatic gate, we hand out a remote control to our guests at check-in for a deposit of 300 bath. The deposit will be fully refunded when you check out if returning the remote control.

Our general terms and conditions apply.



Besides our guests who have booked a holiday house, we also offer a fee-based use of the swimming pool. Thailand is a warm country and the possibilities to use a swimming pool are rather limited in this region.

The details and pictures describing our swimmingpool can be found on the separate page Resort.


  • Entry fee per person per day       50 Bath


The swimming pool is open every day from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Depending on the occupancy of the resort or for other reasons (e.g. technical pool service), we reserve the right to limit the number of swimming pool users or to close the swimming pool on individual days. We ask for your understanding.

We offer the rental of swimwear and swimsuits for the day for 30 Bath. The return should be done on the same day.

The use of the swimming pool and the jacuzzi pool is always at your own risk!
Our swimming pool and jacuzzi pool have a water depth of 130 centimeters.
People who cannot swim and cannot stand safely in the pool at a depth of 130 centimeters are only allowed to use the swimming pool or the jacuzzi pool in the presence of an adult and under their constant supervision.

We do not offer any supervision or lifeguards in the facility and therefore cannot accept any liability for damage or injuries of any kind that arise from the use of our facility.

Our general terms and conditions apply.



In our massage house we offer professional massages by trained masseuses by appointment. There are two massage tables available that can be used for single or couple massages.

The massage house is identical to the holiday homes. The living room can be used as a relaxation room tor relaxing if this is not to be done outside in the pool area. Cool drinks are available for purchase. You can take a shower in the bathroom if wanted.

The details and pictures of the massage house are on the separate page Resort.


  • 1 hour single massage    200 Bath 

  • 2 hours single massage   300 Bath 

  • 1 hour partner massage   400 Bath 

  • 2 hours partner massage  600 Bath 


We do not offer medical massages, but Thai massages.

We can only carry out massages with advance notice.
Please also call us if you have to cancel the appointment reserved for you!

Our general terms and conditions apply.


Steam sauna

We regularly organize a sauna day (maximum 4 hours a day) in our spacious steam sauna.

The sauna room is equipped on three sides with seats for up to 15 people, the floor and seats are hygienically tiled.

You can cool off in the pool or the outdoor shower.

The details and pictures of the steam sauna can be found on the separate page Resort.


    • Steam sauna without using the pool       100 Bath

    • Steam sauna with use of the pool          150 Bath


We reserve the right to offer the steam sauna only if there are a sufficient number of reservations, since the cost of the sauna day is independent of the number of sauna users.

We would like to point out that the use of a steam sauna is not tolerated by everyone in terms of health. Before using our steam sauna, please inquire with your doctor whether you can use it safely. We do not take any liability for health damage caused by using the steam sauna!

We explicitly ask our sauna users to consider other guests in our facility, especially children. In the event of inappropriate behavior by a guest, we reserve the right to expel them from our facility without a claim for reimbursement.

Our general terms and conditions apply.


Event service

We rent out the large pool area with around 150 square meters around the pool for events, e.g. birthdays or weddings. The specific content of the service can range from "only rental" to the complete organization of the event including catering.


Talk to us! We coordinate the details of your wishes with you and then create a binding offer for you!

Our general terms and conditions apply.


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