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2017 April - House Khun Bamuan

In April 2017 we started building the first project: the house for Khun Bamuan, Anong's youngest brother. The aim of the construction project was that Khun Bamuan should look after the other planned projects on site for us in the future. This was necessary because we would not be in Thailand for most of the time until our move to Thailand, which was planned for around the end of 2019.

The construction of the house lasted until July 2017.

The builder, who was commissioned to build the house, unfortunately turned out to be little experienced at a later point in time, as the first construction defects appeared after just a few months: the house showed cracks, the rear terrace sank, the toilet was leaky and so on and so on. Unfortunately, his attempts at repair were unsuccessful, everything just got worse ...:-(
When the deficiencies appeared, the construction of the other building measures commissioned to him was unfortunately well advanced, so that they still had to be completed. After that, we will not continue to be employed him more..

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