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2018 January - Holiday houses 2 to 5

The next 4 holiday houses were built from January to August 2018. The holiday house 2 was built as a mirror image of the other holiday houses in order to be able to use the large terrace built between holiday house 1 and 2 from both houses.

The construction of the holiday houses was carried out by the aforementioned "master builder" Lek, unfortunately in our absence ... When we came to Thailand in August 2018, for example, we were amazed to discover that the term "slope" was obvious to him and his team was strange ... in all bathrooms the shower water did not flow into the drain, but away from the shower towards the door!

We later had the same problem with another builder when building the pool house, this because of our experience despite detailed explanation and showing a working example ... what could be the reason?

In holiday house 1 the first construction defects arose such as cracks in the walls, skirting and ceiling moldings were peeling off, the path around the house sank and known strong cracks and so on ... For a German these are blatant Construction defects hardly understandable :-(

Since complaints in Thailand are always associated with a lot of trouble, we have hired another tiler at our expense to eliminate these problems, i.e. the floors in the bathrooms were knocked out again and new tiles were laid ... Annoying and expensive, but problem solved......

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