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2017 August - Holiday house 1 and house Khun John

In August 2017 the construction of the 5 holiday houses commissioned and an identical house for Anong's brother Khun John started with the construction of holiday house 1.

The holiday house 1 was ready at the end of November 2017, so that we could live in it in December 2017 on our trip to Thailand. From then until we moved to our new home in Thailand, this was our home in Thailand on our many necessary trips...

Construction for Khun John's house also started in August 2017. The construction had become necessary because we wanted to tear down the old house he was living in to make room for our own new home. Anong was sad that her old house was about to be torn down, as she had had to work hard for many years to finance it, but remodeling this house turned out to be neither financially nor technically sensible.

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