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2020 January - Koi pond and plant filter

At the beginning of 2020 we decided to build a koi pond next to the pavilion and the terrace. As always, it started right after the decision ...

The main task was to get the pond watertight, because the construction work was carried out, as always, with people who were inexperienced in such matters. We bought a liquid additive to seal the concrete and, most importantly, a long, thick rubber band to seal the floor slab against the walls. Before we started laying the tiles, we filled the concrete pool with water and tested whether the pool was tight ;-) As it turns out today, after almost six months, the koi pond is still tight ... :-)

In April we built a large plant filter next to the koi pond. This is a basin in which many aquatic plants grow and the pond water slowly flows through there. The pollutants are absorbed by the aquatic plants and the suspended solids sink to the bottom of the filter basin. Koi pond and plant filter are connected to each other via 2 thick pipes, the circulation pump is located in the last chamber of the plant filter and the water pumps back into the koi pond. There are 3 UV lamps to disinfect the pond water and to avoid floating algae.

The koi pond with the plant filter contains approx. 8,000 liters of water.

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