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2018 September - Streets and paths

The rainy season in Thailand ensures that the loamy soil is extremely soft for a long time and is therefore not passable. Therefore, in September 2019 we had all the necessary streets and the paths to the houses concreted.

Here too, unfortunately, you have to address the technical ignorance of the local Thai building contractor ... The missing expansion joints have unfortunately ensured that the roads are cracked in some (to be expected) places. And the poor quality of the concrete means that the concrete starts to dissolve in some places ... Just Thailand ;-)

Along with this measure, a podium was built for the ghost houses, which are essential on every property in Thailand, and the ghost houses were erected and then inaugurated. We now hope that the ancestors and earth spirits living with us are well-disposed towards us and that they are well disposed towards our considerable changes to "their" property ... :-)

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