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2019 September - Swimmingpool

In September 2019 we started our "swimming pool" project. As is usually the case, the construction work has become much more extensive than initially thought ...

First we had a pool house built, again with a new builder. The pool house was planned with 4 rooms: room for the swimming pool technology, changing room, toilet with shower and the steam sauna. Then the swimming pool made of fiberglass including technology was delivered and installed within 5 days! Then the 150 square meter pool border was created. After that was done, we had 2 canopies built on the south and west side of the swimming pool, so that you can also lie in the shade while swimming.

A cleaning robot was then purchased for the pool, which cleans the pool independently. A lot of dirt is brought into the pool by wind and weather, which is removed by the pool robot before it loads the filter.

In March 2020 we then had a massage room added to the pool house. The lady of the house has also converted the changing room into a mini market so that our customers can buy cool drinks and something to eat and do not die of thirst or starve ... ;-)

In our "swimming pool" project, there were unfortunately again problems with the new builder Khun Kiau. He also had great problems understanding how to lay tiles so that the water flows into the drain and not out the door ... Simply unbelievable and incomprehensible ... When we recognized this problem, we stopped working with him and have the pool border done by the tiler we know. Unfortunately, this man also has gaps in his knowledge, which can be seen in the first damage after around 10 months (tiles tear, joints are washed out, wall tiles fall off, etc.).

With the experience from now 10 buildings and other construction measures, we unfortunately have to realize that here in Thailand the craftsmen simply lack a lot of knowledge about structural relationships, at least in the country ... for example, that materials expand when the sun shines on them (what The case here is very violent), what water pressure is and how it works, that the drainpipes must have slopes along the whole route, etc. In our opinion, the primary cause is probably the very poor school system compared to Germany and the lack of vocational training ... Most of the people here are only shown what they have to do, but do not understand the context ... Another important reason is that most Thai people try to build sparingly because of the prevailing poverty ... So they buy cheap, when you are not careful, they improvise with existing things instead of getting it right, etc. For example, we asked everyone to blah uen water pipes are designed for a pressure of 13.5 bar, but they are also available for a pressure of 2.5 bar, of course much cheaper ... The Thai showed us the bird ... ;-)

Despite the many negative experiences, we are still of the opinion that we should use local craftsmen and, as far as possible, buy material locally to support the economy here in Wichian Buri. So we take our experiences with composure, every now and then we get scolded, but then it's good ... and we will therefore continue as before ... Mai pen rai :-)

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