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2018 May - Supply house

From May to June 2018 we had the "supply house" built. The building contains 2 rooms: the tank room for the central water supply and a workshop, which is essential for such a large property with so many buildings.

The central voltage distribution is also housed in the technical building. As in Wichian Buri, as in most other places in Thailand, three-phase / power current is not available and the electricity meters and the cables to the properties are designed for a maximum of 10 kilowatts, we now have a total of 8 electricity meters in operation. The 8 connections all go via lightning protection each to the technical building in a central distribution system and from there cables go into the houses. Since there are often problems with undervoltage in Thailand, we have installed a voltage regulator to protect the motors, which ensures that the water pumps are supplied even when the voltage is too low.

The internet devices required to supply the entire property are also housed in the supply house. 2 masts with professional WiFi access points supply the entire site with WiFi. The 1,000 / 500 megabit internet connection ensures permanent and sufficient internet access even for many guests.

From August to September 2018 we then had a large carport built next to the supply house.

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