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2017and 2018 - Water supply system

It was important to us that our resort, our private houses and the garden were always adequately supplied with usable water. The urban water supply is inadequate here, as in many other places in Thailand. The water comes in too thin water pipes with little water pressure and again and again there is no water or only air for some time ...

We therefore started in 2017 to put the water supply on a solid foundation. To this end, a small water storage tank with a pressure pump was initially installed as a temporary solution and thick water pipes were laid across the entire property. We dug a total of around 1,000 meters of water pipes into the ground and had 30 water taps installed on the property.

In 2018 we had the building that we named "Supply House" built, in which the final water supply for all houses was housed. There are now 2 large water tanks with 5,000 liters each in a tank room. The water is filtered through 3 large stainless steel filters and 3 powerful Grundfos pressure pumps, each with an 800 liter membrane tank, generate the necessary water pressure.

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