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Swimming pool use price

  • Entry fee per person per day       50 Bath


The price applies to people of all ages who use the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Other opening times require prior agreement.

We reserve the right, depending on the occupancy of the resort or for other reasons (e.g. technical pool service), to limit the number of pool users or not to offer use on individual days, for example maintenance work. We ask for your understanding.

We offer swimwear and swimsuit rental for the day for 30 Bath. Please return it on the same day.

Our swimming pool and the jacuzzi pool have a water depth of approx. 130 centimeters.

People who cannot swim and who cannot stand safely in the pool with a water depth of 130 centimeters may only use the swimming pool or the jacuzzi pool in the presence of a suitable adult and under their constant responsible supervision.

We do not offer supervision and no lifeguards in the facility and therefore cannot accept any liability for damage caused by using our facility.

Please be aware of the risk of slipping on the tiles, especially when they are wet. Go slowly and carefully.

The water in the swimming pool and in the jacuzzi pool is slightly enriched with salt and is automatically permanently filtered and slightly chlorinated. We use a technical device in our filter system which automatically generates the chlorine gas added to the water from the salt water (chlorinator). The chlorine gas is used to disinfect the water.

Inquire with your doctor before use, whether you could be harmed by staying in salty and chlorinated water, for example skin or eye irritation.

In addition to filtering, our pool is automatically cleaned every day with a "pool robot". If the pool robot is still in the pool when you arrive, the swimming pool must NOT be used! In this case we ask for brief information and we will then take the pool robot out of the swimming pool.

The use of the swimming pool and the jacuzzi is at your own risk.

We do not accept any liability for damage to health caused by the use of the swimming pool and jacuzzi pool

Parents are responsible for their children.

Our general terms and conditions apply.


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