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Our steam sauna

Healthy for mind and body

We regularly organize a steam sauna day once a week, usually on Sunday for about 4 hours.

Steam sauna

So that nobody has to fear claustrophobia, the steam sauna housed in the pool house is spacious with around 10 square meters.

The steam sauna offers space for up to 15 people and is equipped with seats on three sides, the floor and seats are hygienically tiled. Sufficient light comes into the room through a glass door.

Steam sauna for up to 15 people in the ANONG GARDEN Resort

The steam is mixed with various aromas in the steam generator, which arise when the water mixed with Thai herbs is boiled to generate steam. We generate the steam with a gas burner.

Steam generator of the steam sauna

For the day in the sauna, the lady of the house prepares a healthy herbal tea that can be drunk free of charge. If you don't like the tea, you can buy a chilled drink in the mini market in the pool house.


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