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Our swimming pool

Fun and health for young and old

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Our ANONG GARTDEN Resort is one of the few resorts in Wichian Buri with a swimming pool, much to the delight of children, but also of adults who like to go swimming.

The pool is about 130 centimeters deep, so that adults and children of sufficient size can use the pool safely, even if they cannot swim well.

In the swimming pool there is a spa area at each end for sitting and relaxing. A beautiful waterfall increases the fun factor when bathing.

Impressions of the fun our visitors have in the pool

A professional filter system permanently ensures healthy, clean water and a pleasant bathing experience. The water in the swimming pool and in the spa is lightly salted and is automatically chlorinated so low by the filter system that the bathing guest will not notice it.

Filter system

The swimming pool is complemented by a second jacuzzi pool, so that you can relax and unwind when necessary, without being disturbed by other guests swimming.

The spacious 150 square meter pool area is equipped on the south and west side with shade structures that allow resting and sunning on the beach chairs and sun loungers even in bright sun.

In the pool house there is a changing room and a toilet with shower.

For thirsty or hungry guests there is a mini market where you can buy chilled drinks, small snacks or hot mama soup.


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