Which may be of interest to our guests

Here we want to give our guests a little information about sights, localities, shopping possibilities etc. in the vicinity of ANONG GARDEN Resort.

If any important information is missing here, please let us know.

Wichian Buri

First a little more information about Wichian Buri.

Amphoe Wichian Buri is a district (Amphoe - Administrative District, County) in the southern part of Phetchabun Province. The district of Wichian Buri is divided into 14 tambon ("subdistricts" or "municipalities"), ANONG GARDEN Resort is located in Tambon Tha Rong.

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The district of Amphoe Wichian Buri has approx. 133,000 inhabitants, approx. 26,000 of them live in Tambon Tha Rong.

Wichian Buri is the only commune with "city" status (Thesaban Mueang) in Amphoe Wichian Buri district and there is a surprising amount to do here and in the surrounding area ...


Eating and shopping

As in all places in Thailand, you can get delicious food everywhere in Wichian Buri. You don't have to search long to find food stalls, restaurants and bars ;-)

If you want to eat a really good pizza, you should go to the Restaurant Luckys Pizza, Hot Dogs, Burgers & Fast Food on Morakot Road. If necessary, you can quickly talk to Farang there ...

You can also eat well at Kesorn Coffee.

There are several small supermarkets on Morakot Road, examples being two 7 Eleven and a Lotus.

At the 2012 there is a Big C Supermarkt with an attached cinema and a KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken (approx. 5km away from ANONG GARDEN Resort).

On the 21 towards Phetchabun you will find another large Lotus supermarket on the left after approx. 25km.

And if you want even more choice, it is best to drive 100km to Phetchabun, where there is a large selection of supermarkets (Makro, BIG C Supercenter, ...) and other shops.



In addition to the events that often take place on public holidays, etc., there are several venues with live music.

The Box is recommended in Wichian Buri, there is regular live music there and you can also eat well there (please call).

Also worth a visit is the Banjert restaurant, which also has live music (please call).



There are several doctors and pharmacies in Wichian Buri. It should be noted that doctors mostly work in hospitals and do not open their practice until 5:00 p.m. For this they are usually open all day on weekends.

In urgent cases you should drive to Krankenhaus Wichian Buri, it is about 11km away from ANONG GARDEN Resort on the 21 towards Phetchabun on the left. There are also English speaking doctors there.



There are several Thai banks on 2012, Morakot Road and elsewhere. Cash can be withdrawn anywhere at the available ATM using the PIN from the check card.


Vehicle rental

Unfortunately, there are NO vehicle rentals in Wichian Buri.

For shorter distances you can use a tuk-tuk at the Food Market on Morakot Road, for longer distances there are bus connections, on the one hand at the stop at the Food Market and for further trips for the long-distance buses on the corner of 21 and 2012. There is also the possibility to organize a private transfer or to book a vehicle with a driver. Please contact us if necessary and we will try to manage it.



Presumably all guests will already have a SIM for making phone calls and internet access, if not, there are several shops on Morakot Road that will be happy to help.


Sights close-by

First the sights in the vicinity of ANONG GARDEN Resort. As almost everywhere in Thailand, the focus is of course on the omnipresent and sometimes very beautiful temples ...

The following links direct you to the respective Google Maps page, so that you can easily find the sights and access the information from other visitors.

More distant sights


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