House rule

Dear guests,

In order to make your stay at the ANONG GARDEN Resort even more pleasant, we ask you and your fellow travelers to observe the house rules and behave accordingly.

Please note that the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the ANONG GARDEN Resort also apply.

Arrival and departure

The rented house is available from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival, on the day of departure the house must be vacated by 11 a.m. at the latest and the key and remote control must be returned.

Dealing with property of ANONG GARDEN Resort

The facility in the house, the furniture and other furnishings throughout the resort are to be treated with care and no damage is to be caused.

We ask our guests not to dye their hair in the resort.

We also ask our guests to use hot devices (e.g. hair straighteners) carefully and only remove them when they have cooled down.

Damages caused by the guest are to be completely replaced by the guest.

House key and resort access

Upon arrival, we give our guest the key to the rented house.

The guest will be charged 500 baht for losing the house key.

Upon arrival, we also give our guest a remote control for the electric entrance gate.

The guest will be charged 1,500 baht for losing the remote control.

We ask our guests to close the gate when leaving the resort after 9:00 p.m. and when arriving after 9:00 p.m.

Only the “A” button can be used on the remote control. Each time you press “A”, the gate switches between “OPEN”, “STOP” and “CLOSE”. The gate stops automatically after it is completely opened and closed.


We expressly accept no liability for the loss of any valuables, wardrobe, equipment or items brought along.

If necessary, take your valuables with you when you leave the house.

The outdoor area of our resort is video-monitored with automatic long-term recording. If necessary, unauthorized entry can be controlled.


WiFi can be used free of charge throughout the resort (UID “AGRguest”).

Upon arrival, you will receive the information required for use on request.

When using the WiFi, the provisions of Thai data protection and Thai child and youth protection must be adhered to.

ANONG GARDEN Resort is not liable for any unauthorized use by the guest.

Air conditioner

We ask our guests to switch off the air conditioning when leaving the house.

We reserve the right to check if the air conditioning is off after leaving the house and turn it off if necessary.

Night rest

Night rest applies throughout the resort from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

In the interests of all our guests, we ask that you observe the nightly rest.

Failure to observe the night res  may result in the guest being immediately expelled from our resort.


Receiving visitors to the resort requires our consent and is permitted free of charge until 8 p.m. (excluding use of the swimming pool). For visitors after 20:00 we charge 200 baht per person per day.

We reserve the right to refuse consent to visitors for given reasons (e.g. if there is a suspicion of illegal activities by visitors, high alcohol consumption, etc.).

Quality of tap water

The tap water in our resort is not suitable for drinking!

Smoking and open fires

Smoking throughout the house is prohibited and only allowed outside the house.

If we determine that there has been smoking in the house, a special cleaning fee of 2,000 baht will be charged.

Furthermore, open fires and lighting candles are generally not permitted in the house.


Pets are only allowed with our express permission.

The guest is obliged to register his pet with us in advance.

Pets may only be brought along provided that they are under the constant supervision of the guest and that no danger or nuisance can arise.

Dogs must be leashed.

Any damage caused or the removal of severe soiling caused by the pet must be paid for by the guest.

Illegal drugs and weapons

Bringing illegal intoxicants and any weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate banning if we discover this.

In the event of a violation, we will immediately notify the relevant authorities of such incidents.

Towels and hair and shower gel

Towels, hair and shower gel are provided in the houses. If you need new towels or other things, talk to us.

Beds and linens

Our beds are made with freshly washed bed linen. If you would like to have the bed linen changed for a longer stay, please contact us.

The soft mattresses are covered with a mattress protector. If you notice moisture in the bed, please contact us, we will then replace the mattress protector and the bed sheet.

Wash and iron laundry

If necessary, we will be happy to wash and iron your laundry for you for a small fee. Contact us.

Food delivery

We generally rent our houses without breakfast etc. If necessary, you can order food and we would then get it for you. Our mini market is ready for you for drinks and snacks.


Opposite the houses there is a pavilion with tables and seating. You are welcome to use the pavilion, but should coordinate with other guests if necessary.

Swimming pool

Our guests may use the swimming pool facility free of charge daily between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Both pools in the swimming pool complex have a water depth of approx. 125 centimetres!

Our guests and their fellow travelers use the swimming pool facility on their own responsibility, we do not provide supervision. Be sure to watch out for people who cannot swim and cannot stand in the pools!

If the cleaning robot is still in the pool, the pool must not be used for safety reasons! In this case, contact us and we will remove the cleaning robot from the pool.

Steam sauna

If you are interested in our steam sauna, please let us know. We charge a fee of 500 baht regardless of the number of people (maximum 10 people). Should you invite visitors, we will charge an additional 50 baht per person to use the swimming pool.


In our massage room in the pool house we offer massages on 2 massage tables for 300 baht per hour. We ask for early booking.

Our scooter

We offer our guests our one scooter (Honda Click 150) for a daily fee of 200 Baht (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.). The scooter must be returned with a full tank.

The guest is liable for any damage caused by or to the scooter.

Wichian Buri, September 2023